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When you walk into the Get Serious Fitness award winning state-of-the-art facility you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a highly exclusive personal training gym for A-list celebrities!

Courtney H

I put on weight, I felt horrible about myself, even so much that I felt embarrassed to even walk into a gym for fear of being judged, or feeling out of place.  When I entered felt instantly accepted and comfortable. Andrea let me know it was ok to listen to my body and rest when I needed to.  For someone so intimidated with starting to exercise again, this was music to my ears.   I am celebrating the changes I am making.  I am enjoying the journey.  It may take a year, it may take five, but I have found someone, who I know will guide me in the right direction with sincerity, love, knowledge and enthusiasm.  I am so grateful to have found a safe place where I can be myself and work on becoming better!

Jenna E

Andrea’s energy with her students make coming to Pilates class one of the highlights of the week.  Moreover, her commitment to fitness is an inspiration to us to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Ed J

Since I’ve been attending Andrea’s classes my chronic back pain has reduced and my mobility has increased tremendously. As a result, my physical ability for all activities and my sense of well being has improved. Andrea is talented and skilled at helping me modify exercises to reduce the amount of stress I put on my back. I also enjoy the social interaction, and have a lot of fun in her classes. I always leave feeling physically and emotionally renewed.

Bev D

Andrea is “serious” when needed but has a ton of fun in her classes. Everyone feeds off of her fun, inspiring, and energetic energy! Andrea’s training style is professional and creative. We never do the same classes ever. Get Serious Fitness is an AWESOME Facility!

Jorge A

I love going to Get Serious Fitness because I can work out at my own pace in bootcamps and be myself in Zumba classes. Andrea encourages and pushes you to what your own body can handle! Andrea has created her fitness centre to be an environment of fun and enjoyment, comfort, being accepted for who you are, being open to new possibilities and to meet new people!

Amanda S

In order to succeed with your fitness goals, you need to be surrounded by a winning supportive environment, and that is definitely the environment Andrea creates at Get Serious Fitness. Get Serious Fitness is a positive, motivated and FUN fitness community that will definitely help you reach your fitness goals.

Chris K

I love Get Serious Fitness because it truly feels like you belong to a family… not a gym. Andrea’s training style is professional yet not intimidating in any way.  She is caring, genuine, and supportive of her clients.

Dianne K

Andrea’s knowledge and expertise about fitness and nutrition, combined with the positive, inspiring atmosphere she has created at Get Serious Fitness makes for a wonderful time at every class. Regardless of the kind of day I’ve had, by the time I leave Get Serious Fitness I feel physically rejuvenated and energized, and emotionally uplifted. Lethbridge is lucky to have Andrea!

Jenae D

I am enrolled in my first class at Get Serious and honestly was very nervous prior to enrolling that the gym was geared towards very ‘serious’ fitness people. I realize that Get Serious Fitness is not a ‘gym’ but a space where people who are out of shape and scared to join a fitness facility can come and feel safe, comfortable and non-intimidated. I am so grateful for how everyone has made me feel.

Marilyn E

My very favorite time of the day is going to Get Serious Fitness for my class! Andrea is an amazing skilled trainer, so talented! I took classes during my entire pregnancy. She helped me with specific modifications to support my body and prepare me for labor. After my baby was born, I couldn’t wait to go back so we joined Mama n’ Baby Pilates. Hands down, best mom/baby class in Lethbridge to get back into shape with our baby. When I leave each class, I have a complete renewed sense of my body, my energy, my potential, and an uplifted mood for the rest of the day. The environment is very different than other gyms or fitness facilities I’ve been to. The moment you walk in, you are surrounded by positive energy, encouraging support and complete acceptance. I’m also impressed how clean the studio is ALWAYS kept, which is very important to our wellbeing. Thanks Andrea for creating such a beautiful space for all of us

Sarah A

I love Get Serious Fitness because even though I may have had a very stressful day at work – the moment I walk into Andrea’s studio, a very palatable sense of calm and positive energy surrounds me.

Karen C

Andrea teaches hers clients that over stressing your body in a workout can have negative side effects on a person’s health. She allows me come into a class and just enjoy the fact my body can move with what energy I have in the moment. I feel like feel more energized in my mind, body, and spirit after every class, because I don’t stress during my workout. I actually look forward to going to my classes each week! I feel like I have shed years of stress off me by practicing this approach to fitness.

Angela R