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Beginner Pilates Reformer Workshop – Sept.5th 7:30-8:30 pm

Do you need to strengthen your core? Are you healing an injury? Do you have chronic stress? Do you have extra weight your carrying? Do you have posture issues? Are you new to working out and need a safe supportive place to start? If so…

Pilates is the BEST place to start!

Beginners Pilates Reformer Workshop is designed to give you a deep understanding of the fundamental principles that make Pilates on the Reformer one of the most effective, safe, and gentle ways to move your body.

The Reformer machine was designed to support you during the Pilates movement, facilitating proper alignment and form. This helps to create more efficient movement, allowing the body to work at its fullest potential in the development of strength, flexibility, balance and control.

This workshop is limited to only 6 people and is geared towards those who are brand new to Pilates, those who have an injury that limits them for attending other fitness classes, those who need a gentle safe non intimidating form of fitness to start, or those who want a ‘private session’ within a small group.

Benefits of Pilates on the Reformer:

-strengthens core

-relief from pain associated with physical imbalances

-strengthens weak back or helps with back related injuries

-tones muscles

-improves flexibility

-relieves stress through breathing

-improves posture

-increase energy

-weight loss

In the workshop you will learn:

  1. Techniques to align posture to help eliminate muscle imbalance. This diminishes muscle stress, pain, and injury.
  2. How to get relief from back pain by learning how to fire your deep core, or “powerhouse,” through breath, control, and mindful movements.
  3. What specific muscle groups you need to stretch. Pilates increases your flexibility, which decreases the chance of injury and pain significantly.
  4. How Pilates dramatically reduces stress through breath, and being fully  present in the moment as you do the exercises.

This workshop is a great base for any Pilates Reformer class at Get Serious Fitness.  Cost $40 Enrollment limited to only 6 spots. Must be pre-register for the workshop here.


Cardio Pilates for Beginners – Sat. Sept. 15th 9:40-10:20 am

Jump Board Cardio Pilates is executed with a jump board attached to the end of the reformer.  Unlike the treadmill, Jump Board Pilates is low impact and gentle on your joints. Knee and ankle issues will see tremendous improvement while working with the jumpboard, because the non-gravitational nature of jumping in a laying down position. This means that less stress is placed on the joints. Cardio Pilates challenges the core, elevates the heart rate and trains coordination. Other benefits include burning more calories, working the core in a different setting, strengthening your muscles, and stress reduction. Plus it is a ton of fun! Much better than the boring treadmill or cardio machines at the gym! Only 6 spots available. $22 Sign up here