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Weekly Salad

Beet Potatoe Salad

Roasted Beet and Potato Salad

Roasted Beet and Potato Salad

Weekly Surprise


Hemp Power Bites

This is a nutritional dense power house snack! This small power bite will balance your blood sugar, nourish you with plant base…

Other Recipes


Chaga Hot Chocolate

Chaga is a fungus (medicinal mushroom) that grows on birch trees. Chaga has been found to have many health benefits, including anti-inflamatory,…


Mouth-Watering Mocha Morning Smoothie

Simple, easy, delicious and healthy morning smoothie! No excuse not to eat breakfast, especially when it can be on the go! 1…

blueberry cream

Blue Berry Cream Pie Smoothie

How can a green smoothie taste sooooooo good and be so healthy!? Adding leafy green gives your body access to more of…

Raw Chocolate Brownie Bites

Raw Chocolate Brownie Bites

I was inspired to make these for New Years Eve knowing my sister Sarah was going to have a party in her…

Green Mango Delight Smoothie

Green Mango Delight

I LOVE Green Smoothies! They fill me with an abundant amount of energy and they taste so so good!

Drops of LOVE

Drops of LOVE

I created this recipe for my dad because he LOVES raw cookie dough. Since he’s mister healthy, I was inspired to make…

Freezing Your Herbs

Freezing Herbs

Fall has arrived! I know its getting close to harvest all my herbs I grew over the summer. I love having my…

Amazing Raw Kale Salad

Amazing Raw Kale Salad

Today this salad was inspired by finding organic purple kale at the grocery store yesterday. It is a salad that has a…