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Prenatal Prego-Lates

Pre/Post Natal Prego-lates

Prego-lates classes are tailored for the mama’s and mama’s to be with specific exercises that use the deepest layer of your core muscles, which are necessary for stabilizing your back and pelvis during and after pregnancy. This safe and very effective form of Pilates targets the exact muscles and functions that can be a problem during pregnancy and after birth. Pilates will teach you that having a good pelvic floor and core prenatal will aid in a quicker recovery.


What are the benefits of doing Pilates before birth?

  • Helps with breathing techniques that can be employed effectively during labour

  • Relieves common problems associated with pregnancy such as backache, thoracic pain, sciatica, ligament pain, and pubic symphysis pain

  • Supports joints and ligaments that may be compromised with increasing strain from developing baby

  • Boosts your energy and lifts your spirit by releasing more serotonin

  • Improved control and strength of pelvic floor region

  • Better posture during pregnancy, preventing back, hip, neck or knee strain

  • Increased body awareness

  • Makes it easier for pelvic floor to release in those crucial latter stages of birth

  • Speeds up recovery after birth

  • Strengthens the deep abdominal core muscles to dramatically change the way you stand, move, walk, carry yourself and physically relate to the world around you

  • Focus on strengthening upper body to hold your baby and carry heavy items

  • Engages in breathing to de-stress and relax the nervous system

  • Teaches breath techniques to open up the pelvis and prepare for the pushing stage