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Corrective Strength Training is turning the dimmer switch up on your muscles!  Improve contractile capabilities while learning how to identify imbalances in your body, reduce tightness and restore motion with gentle isometrics and simple, yet challenging exercises in a small group setting. Isometric exercise can assist in weight loss, decrease pain levels, build strength, increase flexibility and improve athletic performance.

Specific Classes and Themes

January 12th:  Put your best foot forward!  Did you know your (insert body problem here) could be related to your feet?  If force enters your body through your feet, and they aren’t moving properly we could end up with issues elsewhere in the body!  Let’s explore how to improve the function of our pillars of support and see what changes for the better as a result.

January 19th:  Our legs do a lot for us…walk, climb stairs, sit, get up from a seated position, climb…the list goes on!  Your knee is just a reactive joint that is at the mercy of what’s happening above or below it (hips and feet).  We will quickly review some feet stuff and get the light switch turned on to those leg muscles with some simple yet challenging exercises (and yes, the glutes will be involved!).  *Bonus: the first correct answer drawn to my anatomy question in this class will win a spectacular prize!*

January 26th:  Core and more!  Imagine you had a lovely house built…on a poor foundation.  Even if your house looks good, will it withstand the windstorms of Lethbridge?!  The muscles that make up our core (and promote healthy posture) not only require teamwork, in that everyone shows up to do their part, but they also require endurance.  We will explore various areas that make up our core, from front to back and side to side.  Be prepared to meet muscles you didn’t know you had…and leave feeling solid, stable and strong!

February 2nd:  Push and Pull.  Muscles constantly play tug of war around our joints, but what happens when one side is stuck?  Anyone ever get “knots” in their shoulders or a general “stickiness” that prevents them from moving properly?  We will review some applicable exercises from core and more and explore how we can get back to playing tug of war with our muscles with some common push/pull motions and exercises that will emphasize the chest and back.

February 9th:  Right to bare arms!  Just like our legs, our arms and shoulders move just as much and in very similar ways except we don’t walk on them (well, maybe you do which would be pretty cool). We will do a quick assessment based on our two previous  classes to help provide us with some stability before zeroing in on specific areas of the shoulders and arms that can often be the cause of much grief before challenging them with some exercises full of intention!

February 16th:  Full body scan…putting it all together.  Perhaps you have made some connections within your own body (i.e improving motion in my foot helped with my hip or balancing my core improved my shoulder).  We will do a full body scan and perform corrective isometrics to get things fired up and jump right into fun ways to challenge ourselves with some more traditional exercises focusing on that mind/muscle connection. *If you have light to medium dumb bells, or a favorite resistance band, please bring them!*

*Sign up for all 6 class as a 6 week session, you get your named entered in a draw to win a FREE Personal Corrective Strength Training session with Amanda. Plus, the cost for signing up for all six weeks is only $55!

WELCOME Amanda Woodke to GSF!

  • How do we reach our fitness goals when we are plagued by aches and pains?
  • What is the cause of the symptom in the first place?!
  • We can’t have gain *with* pain!

These are just some of the ways Amanda looks at and approaches working with people and the muscular system, whether through one on one training or in a small group setting.  After dealing with many injuries and personal health struggles herself, she understands the frustration many people go through in trying to achieve optimal health and is constantly striving to learn more to better herself in order to serve and help others.  Regardless of your age, ability, or history her focus is to help you reach your goals and stay healthy in the process.  Amanda is more than just a Personal Trainer, she provides muscle system optimization training and loves to educate and empower you every step of the way!

Amanda is currently working through courses with Precision Nutrition and Ideal Protein and has gone back to school to obtain a degree in a health/science related field of study.  Her previous education includes extensive knowledge of anatomy, neuro-physiology and muscle testing with origin/insertion work via a bio-mechanics based therapy called Muscle Activation Techniques along with Isometric exercise training; courses that look at exercise mechanics and internal performance along with professional delivery and the exercise experience through the Resistance Training Specialist program along with certifications from Can-Fit Pro (Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Specialist).  She also has a dual level 2 certification through CASI/CSIA and enjoys teaching people how to slide on snow and make it look good!

“I love what Get Serious Fitness is all about and am looking forward to being a part of the amazing energy and atmosphere Andrea has created!” – Amanda Woodtke