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About Andrea - Owner / Principal Instructor

BIO PictureAndrea is the owner, principal trainer, and director of Get Serious Fitness. To be serious is to be deeply interested, devoted, committed and determined to the importance of your work, play, study, relationships and with life itself.  This clarifies Andrea’s ideals in her life and defines her goal of creating excellence in her fitness studio.

Andrea’s mission with Get Serious Fitness is to inspire and assist each individual to get serious about his or her physical, mental, emotional and nutritional well being through a unique style of training and training tools. Andrea specifically designs each of her programs with one purpose in mind “… to empower my clients to live their best life!”

Andrea is a certified Pilates Reformer and Mat Instructor. Her training and instruction through Balance Body University has encompassed courses and certification in teaching and practice with master trainers who have apprenticed with first and second generation students of Joseph Pilates. Andrea has created a Pilates enhanced studio that has enabled her clients to realize the amazing benefits of this remarkable exercise.

Andrea has a deep passion for nutrition, and a strong belief that you can heal your body through whole food nutrition. She has a true dedication and commitment to maintaining optimal health and wellness through mother natures food. Fueled with this passion for a positive, healthy life style, Andrea has been able to facilitate many positive changes in her client’s lives.

Andrea has completed the Mind Body Nutrition Level 1 certification. The BodyMind Nutrition Certification takes a unique approach, seeking to understand nutrition through awareness of all factors that influence the biology of the human body. This helps to understand how one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual natures impact the choices one makes with food and nutrition.What you see, feel, experience, think and believe are all interwoven into how you “feed” your body and mind. Andrea has also studied with Victoria Boutenko and mastered the Green Smoothie to help compliment her students’ goals in achieving nutritional balance. Working long hours and running her own business, Andrea knows that ‘you are what you eat’ was more than just a catch-phrase.  It is a way of life.

Andrea views life’s experiences seeing the ‘cup as half full’, and has a gift to help others see the positive side of life. She has studied The Work under Byron Katie, and incorporates in her teaching how to experience the happiness of undoing stressful thoughts which allows the mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.

Dedication and true passion towards her career and the health, fitness, and well being of her clients is evident in how Andrea approaches her classes. Andrea is committed to the growth, development and personal success of each individual client by her friendly, creative, and highly motivational training approach.